Isolation Training Bundle

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic & with everything in lockdown I wanted to create something to keep your development moving forwards, even if you can't get on the water. 

The Isolation Training Bundle contains worksheets to get you thinking about the way your train, help you analysis your races and profile your current canoeing skills / abilities, 


The Bundle also contains two 4 week training programmes; one no equipment gym home-based  & one running programme.

E-Book - An Introduction to Strength & Conditioning for Canoe Slalom

There is a whole host of information out there on how to get fit and strong. Some of this information is great and some is not, with nearly none of this information looking specifically into canoe slalom.

Hence, the reason for this E-Book - to introduce the principles of Strength & Conditioning (S&C) and how to apply them to canoe slalom. The E-Book covers a whole host of topics to give you a solid grounding in strength and conditioning.

Chapters include:-

  • Introduction

  • The science of slalom

  • Programme design

  • Resistance training guidelines

  • Session design